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Republican Party Organization in Pennsylvania

(from the state GOP handbook)

Republican Voters

County Committee Members

County Chairmen &
State Committee Members

State Chairman & National Committee Members

National Chairman

As a precinct-level committee person, you are the most important link in the Republican party’s organization. In almost every county, Republican primary voters elect a man and a woman to represent them on their county Republican committee every two years. These committee members are elected from each voting district in the county. They serve as the GOP’s representatives in that district, and are usually responsible for choosing the county chairman and other officers.

Primary voters also elect one or more members of the Republican State Committee, who together with the County Chairman, serve on the Republican State Committee of Pennsylvania. The State Committee coordinates efforts on behalf of Republican candidates throughout the Commonwealth, and is headed by a State Chairman.

The State Chairman and Pennsylvania’s two representatives on the Republican National Committee – who are elected by the State Committee – serve on the Republican National Committee, which works closely with all fifty state parties on behalf of Republican candidates. It is headed by a National Chairman and plays a crucial role in electing Republicans across the country.

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