The Precinct Project

because all politics is local

What do Committee members do?

County committee members are the primary liaisons between the voters in their precincts and the party they represent.   While there are no contractual or legal obligations of committee members, they have a critical function in the party machine.

County committee members should feel they have “ownership” of their precincts.  They should be empowered by the leadership to do all the party functions in their precinct that the county is charged with at the county level.

One of the most important functions of the county committee person is the “Get-Out-the-Vote” function.

The county committee person should try to contact all the voters in their precinct to inform them about elections and candidates, and let them know how important it is that we have their vote.

As a county committee person, you are entitled to have a “walking list” of all the voters in the precinct.  The walking list will tell you the name of the voter, their address, and what their party affiliation is.  Your county chairman should provide you with this list, and you should be able to get an updated list every year.

It can be a daunting task to try to be in contact with all the voters in your precinct.  Therefore, it is critical that you establish a team of people in your precinct that can assist you in this function.   Establishing “block captains,” for example, can put volunteers in charge of their neighborhood and make it easier to reach voters in a timely fashion, while establishing close ties with the party and giving you constant feedback about what is on voters’ minds.

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